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Polyester Mid-Weight Microsuede

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Durable Water Repellent, 2A Wash

Our Polyester Mid-Weight Microsuede is sanded, or sueded, with a water repellent finish. It has a very quiet and soft hand, and is wrinkle-resistant. The comfortability and wind/water resistance of this fabric make it a popular choice for a variety of uses. The material dries quickly, and is often used for dye sublimation as it prints exceptionally well.

This polyester microsueded material is often used to make jackets for all industries, with fashion, athletic and uniform jackets being especially popular. Boardshorts and swimwear for all sizes from children through adults are also typical uses of this material as it dries quickly. Golf windshirts, baseball jackets and windbreakers, extreme (ultimate) fighting wear, and lacrosse apparel are additional common applications of this material, both for performance wear and for everyday clothing. This versatile polyester mid-weight microsuede fabric is also used for high-end bags, totes, handbags, duffel bags, and linings for eyeglass cases and other lining uses.

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